How to Order Prints

You can contact David N. Hyman directly at or  Most prints are available as highest quality archival pigmented inkjet prints.  Digital prints will be sent unmatted on the following size papers:

8.5 x 11 inches

13 x 19 inches

17 x 22 inches


Some images are available as platinum prints.  Most of my platinum prints are small ranging is size from 4 x 5 inches to 8 x 10 inches and are sold mounted on 11 x 14 inch archival boards.

Platinum prints are produced by hand coating 100% rag paper with a light sensitive mix of chemicals containing salts of the precious metals platinum and palladium and then contact printing negatives by exposing the light sensitive material to intense ultraviolet light. The resulting images developed from the process are formed by minute particles of platinum metals imbedded in the fibers of the supporting paper. Platinum metals are more inert than gold and resist reaction with environmental gasses and particles.   Whereas silver (the metal used in standard black and white prints) can tarnish, platinum cannot.   Platinum prints are therefore as permanent as the paper that supports them.

Platinum prints are luminous and warm with delicate detail.  The prints give a feeling of depth absent from silver prints where the image sits on top of the paper in a gelatin coating and have a textural quality often resembling a watercolor painting.  Platinum prints have a gray tone of extreme richness and subtle tonal variation.  Platinum prints made with palladium salts are sepia or warm black in tone.   Many platinum prints are made with a mix of platinum and palladium metals.

The uniqueness of a platinum print also comes from its tonal range -- which is much wider than those produced with silver.  A fine silver print might have 10 tones of gray between pure white and black. A platinum print can have forty or more shades of gray between pure white and black.